• Roof- Structure, Roof Cover, Penetrations, Flashing, Drainage, Parapet walls.
  • Exterior- Siding/Shell, Flashings, Windows, Doors, Overhead Doors, Stairs, etc.
  • Structure-Foundation, Beams, Columns, Trusses, Framing Joists.
  • Plumbing- Meters, Backflow Preventers, Incoming Service type/size, Drainage, Ejector pits,             Bathrooms/Kitchens.
  • Electrical- Incoming service Type/Size, Disconnects, switches/panels, Outlets, Lighting.
  • HVAC- Rooftop units, Boilers, Chillers, Furnaces, Compressor/Pneumatic systems, Air Handlers, Duct and Air distribution systems    
  • Interior- Windows/Doors, Insulation, Stairs, Walls, Ceilings, Loading Docks
  • ADA- General overview of building's public areas and components of accessibility
  • Life / Safety- Fire Suppression Systems, Detection, Notification, Extinguishers, Means of Egress

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Commercial Building Assessment

Commercial Property Assessments are important

  for clients looking to understand the physical

condition of a property they may be purchasing

or leasing. These inspections are an integral

piece of the due diligence process in a

commercial real estate transaction. Not only will

a pre-purchase assessment provide the

appropriate due diligence typically needed in

today's commercial real estate transactions, it can be instrumental in providing the  purchaser both peace of mind as well as a glimpse into the assets future needs.

 Our inspectors main purpose is to identify areas of concern that will help expose any potential safety related and/or maintenance issues. Our commercial property inspectors have the experience and insight needed to provide clients with detailed explanations during the property visits, followed up with a clear and concise property condition report (PCR).

By providing a "Holistic" look at the property's overall condition our clients are in a much better position to make  informed decisions. We feel this approach serves our clients better than being left with a report full of technical jargon that is not only hard to understand but intimidating as well.

During our Assessment the following major components will be documented -

  • Site Work- Topography, Drainage, Utilities, Parking, Driveways, Retaining walls, Flatwork and Lighting.

Commercial Inspections

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